Monday, March 16, 2009

Spring in Mountain View

Spring has arrived in Mountain View, and last week on the way back from lunch I took a few pictures to record the evidence.

Note the blue sky.

A bee flew in this tree, approaching a particular blossom.

Here she has landed and will get busy in another split second.

Now we see the bee from behind. We skip the remaining frames - next thing that happens is that she crawls into the blossom, and then re-emerges to fly after the next blossom. The whole sequence takes 5-10 seconds.

Of course we also have blossoms on the floor.

And we have white blossoms.

Trees with white blossoms, in the parking lot.

Now, if you are willing to drive a few hours, strap a board to your feet, and head up the slope, you discover that in California, you can have spring and winter in full swing at the same time.

The snow was quite nice this weekend. Not fresh powder, but warm enough to be soft. Let's hope for another big storm before the season withers away.

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