Saturday, May 30, 2009

Point Lobos

A few miles south of the Monterey Bay ...

... where the sky ...

... meets ocean and rocks ...

... seals rest in a sandy cove near the water.

Fat and lazy - they will never learn to fly, says the pelican.

Washing against the rocky shore, the waves add their soundtrack.

Flowers add color.

Which one to visit next, asks the bee.

What are you doing here, stumbling over the rocks? You don't look like a seal, this is our place.

We get into a deep conversation.

When I mention that I write C++ these days he chuckles and smiles as if I had told a joke.

They have it nice here.

Just stay where you are, in a few hours the ocean will be back.

She likes it mellow, too.

Glad you didn't forget your polarizer, says the starfish.

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