Saturday, June 27, 2009

Zack Arias Workshop

Zack Arias visited and gave his "One Light" photography workshop. It was interesting for me to learn how to use a flash properly. None of the pictures I took are great since I am still trying to figure out the basics and I'm also inexperienced in taking pictures of people. But with a bit of work in Picasa they're interesting enough to warrant a post.

First, there is Dan, also known as "Gritphilm". I'd say he's hands-down the craziest looking person I have seen in a while and super-fun to work with since he is into photography himself and enjoys making the pictures interesting.

There's Mark Heaps of Point 3. Zack positioned him outside in the shadow of a building and he plays guitar for us - you can't tell that his amplifier isn't plugged in.

Another "Gritphilm" picture, this time with flash.

Joey Bauer outside on the lawn between the buildings. No flash.

Randal Hisle of Town-Crier plays acoustic guitar. I climb into the framework to get a wide angle shot. The flash is positioned to the left and produces the pattern on the wall.

Natasha Littlewood of Town-Crier and Kung Fu Vampire playing her Cello outside for us, in the late afternoon sunshine. The flash was very close just outside the frame on the left side.

A day well spent.

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