Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Mt. Brewer

On August 21 and 22, I hiked from "Road's End" in Kings Canyon to Mt. Brewer. This was my first solo backpacking trip and also my first backpacking trip with a bivy sack. I very much like hiking with friends, but enjoyed the experience of perfect solitude as well.

2 days, roughly 30 miles total, start and finish at 5100 ft, camp at 11850 ft (that's 6750 ft of climbing on a single day with full backpack including bear can, bivy, sleeping bag), summit in the morning of the second day at 13570 ft, off-trail section that included bush whacking, up to class 3 rock scrambling, swamp, and some route finding challenges due to inaccurate USGS maps. A piece of cake of course - B. Burd did it as a day hike. His trip description and map were very useful in planning this hike, as was Arturo's advice. Thanks!

I like flipping through the Picasa album in the
map, since all photos are accurately geo-tagged.

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  1. Hab mir grade auf Picasa deine letzten Bilder der letzten zwei Monate angeschaut und habe festgestellt, dass du noch schönere Fotos machst als so vor einem Jahr. Die werden echt immer besser. Was nicht heißt, das die alten schlecht sind. Ne, ich find sie alle toll. Aber mittlerweile: Meine Fresse, macht mein Brüderchen tolle Fotos. Ich will ein paar davon für die Wand haben. Aber welche????