Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Acrylic Paint on Canvas

I made some acrylic paintings a few years ago and since they're colorful I thought they might fit well in here.

I made this first painting in 2004. It plays with primary colors, since I wanted brightness and friendliness, but of course this choice of colors is even less accidental. The shapes are perhaps reminiscent of Mondrian's work; but the strokes are a bit more alive and there are no white areas or black lines. I took this picture with a 50mm lens to play with its shallow depth of field.

I think I made this second painting sometime between 2004 and 2006 - not sure when exactly. Like the first one, it's an abstract painting - however, one possible interpretation of the shapes and colors is an ocean with a beach. This is not surprising because one of my favorite paintings is Caspar David Friedrich's "Mönch am Meer", and I'm quite sure I was remembering it as I was painting. Why does this situation fascinate me? It's the ambiguity that makes it interesting - while it consists of simple shapes and colors, one can easily interpret a wide range of emotions into it.

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