Sunday, August 9, 2009

Snowboarding below Roundtop, Mokelumne Wilderness

You might be wondering how to properly celebrate the arrival of El Nino, which promises to deliver us a good snow season. Well, here's my answer - and this is fresh Californian footage from Saturday, August 8, 2009.

Here is Jim, shredding the sweet corn ...

... and here is my wet butt, sorry 'bout that.

Our own private island of snow doesn't allow for steep or lengthy runs, but it is fun.

Yay, I'm riding an imaginary frozen wave.

Jim's turn.

We hike a little higher and enjoy the view.

Then, each of us picks another snowfield. Here's mine - riding slightly softer snow after discovering that just below the exit of the Crescent Moon Couloir it's a little too firm for me.

Here's Jim - riding the bat-shaped snowfield that we had seen from below.

Life could be so much worse.

Oops! Are we running out of snow?

A crazy "hey this was fun" picture concludes our session.

The warmer evening light touches Roundtop.

The marmot comments: "You crazy guys! It's August - your skis and snowboards are supposed to collect dust in a dark corner!"

If someone else comments that skiing or riding can't be had in August ...

... we may just pretend we came for the wildflowers ...

... or the view of Roundtop ...

... or this beautiful dead tree ...

... or to swim in Frog Lake.