Sunday, November 22, 2009

A Heavenly Day

Heavenly opened this Saturday, and mother nature contributed some fresh snow the day before - nice conditions!

I'm not a fan of groomers, but it's an upgrade over this (Boreal, Nov 1st):

While I'm posting old pictures ... also from Nov 1st, here's a picture of Highway 89, with Emerald Bay in the center.

Emerald Bay itself, with a sprinkle of fall colors and Lake Tahoe in the background.

And from the same vantage point, Fanette Island, the island in Emerald Bay.

Back to Saturday - we spent most of the day on Orion, a lengthy mellow run on Heavenly's Nevada side. It was cold but sunny with the usual amazing views of the lake. After lunch I switched my bindings to goofy, which of course made me fall a lot but made things more interesting. Sunday was a disappointment - Heavenly was closed due to high winds. Still, if the rest of the season works out like Saturday did I won't be complaining. :-)

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