Thursday, April 30, 2009

Amphitheatre Parkway Safari

Out in the field on Amphitheatre Parkway in Mountain View, where the California Poppies grow ...

... lives a rabbit ...

... and a plastic wolf ...

... and a herd of goats.

Today, we visit the goats after lunch. The goats are curious and friendly but we remain separated by the electric fence. And just like us, they are on duty, so we have to keep it brief to not distract them from mowing the grass.

Goat number 0438 provides milk, which makes me think about goat cheese.

Goat number 189 simply enjoys being out in the sun.

Goat number 2227 says look at me, I'm so pretty!

The unidentified goat ...

.. fertilizes the soil.

Goat number 131 wonders why we came but has no objections.

Goat number 0465 enjoys licking the salty stone.

Goat number 120 has studied Philosophy and grown a beard in the process.

Goat number 134 is still young and wonders what the world is all about.

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