Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Silverton, Colorado

Last week, Marc and I went to Silverton in Colorado, for some snowboarding. As usual, the trip starts in the San Francisco Bay with a view of San Jose.

And we leave the Sierra behind, with Tioga Pass and Mono Lake.

And fly over Cayonlands National Park, Utah.

And then Denver and Durango. From here we drive to Silverton. In the old times we would have taken the train, I guess.

Silverton is a town between two mountain passes, 9300 ft high, and it used have more people back when mining was big in the area.

The next day is a powder day and we ride up Silverton Mountain's only chair lift.

The typical run includes a short hike and then a path roughly outlined by the guide through steep terrain, trees, and occasional cliffs with optional bailout path. The snow is fresh.

The run ends with a little creek.

After that, a shuttle brings us back to the lift. Of the three shuttles, riding on the back of the pickup truck provides the most adrenaline.

In the afternoon the sky clears up a bit and we get to ride some large, open field of pow.

We stay at the Villa Dallavalle which has been around for over a hundred years - old for American standards.

I walk around with my camera.

The mountain calls us once again.

Today, the sky is blue. We put on sunscreen. We see two lines at the other side of the valley. The guide convinces our group that we explore this area by helicopter. It's an easy sell.

Heli rides are quick and thrilling.

Now we get to see Storm peak from the other side, and a large open bowl of fresh snow waits below us.

Marc makes a video of me sailing down.

And of course, Marc shreds through the pow, too. In the background you can see the lines we drew into the snow.

After this session we head to town to get our rental car stuck in a layer of sugary snow. We make it to the ski repair shop after it's already closed.

More about the trip in another post, I think this one is already getting lengthy.

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