Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Ocean Beach, San Francisco

Saw Colin's email about a beach cleanup he's leading at Ocean Beach, San Francisco. Back from snowboarding the previous day, I feel it's a nice contrast to visit the beach. After collecting a bag of trash, I grab my camera. There is a windmill, sand, the people of San Francisco, and the Pacific. I'm barefoot and the sand is hot.

Scrap the wide angle, the action is in the ocean. Occasionally I experience the thrill of riding waves myself, but this time I'm just watching.

I could never do this, but perhaps it feels a bit like riding up the wall of a gully with the snowboard?

It would not be San Francisco if everything remained ordinary.

If the waves ain't big enough, we ride air.

Pelicans swing by to watch the show.

Finishing off in style.

Thanks to the ocean beach surfers for this performance - it was inspiring. I'd love to give credit but I don't know who they are, so please add a comment if you do.


  1. Cool pictures Johannes! Hope your recently fixed surfboard is treating you well!


  2. Nic, thanks a ton - it is treating me well, you're a wizard.