Friday, April 10, 2009

Walking Safari in Arusha National Park, Tanzania

More pictures from Tanzania, continuing my unfinished trip report.

We visit Arusha National Park for a walking safari. It's normal for Californians to walk around in the wilderness, but the Giraffe skull predicts excitement.

Here we come, the tourists.

Giraffes live here.

In fact, Giraffes, Zebras, and Warthogs.

In the shadows of Mt. Meru, a volcano that's higher than any peak in California.

We are glad that our cute guide the smiling park ranger carries a gun.

Porters carry gear and food for climbers up the mountain.

From the highest point of our walking Safari, we have a good view not just of Mt. Meru but also of Kilimanjaro, which tries to hide underneath a cloud in the distance.

This baboon is practicing to walk upright.

The ranger readies her gun as we get closer to the buffaloes.

He's not smiling.

Giraffes enjoy vegetarian dishes.

Our guide drives us to a lake.

We're looking for hippos, but they are hiding.

The next day, we hike Kilimanjaro.

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