Monday, March 17, 2008


I'm reposting this, actually stealing from myself, just because I want to start off this blog with something about snow before talking 'bout summer topics. Let's see how it goes with a backdated blogpost ...

Here's an iphone pic from Kirkwood, last Sunday. Unfortunately, all the lifts up to the ridge were on wind-hold, so this was the coolest run I could find. Went up on "The Reut", and then traversed East from there. There were a few rocks and minor cliffs to board around, and pretty interesting, untouched snow, sculpted by the wind. Did this a few times - trouble is it's rather easy to go to far East there and then ultimately end up in the Hayflat area, which, uhm, means you've gotta open your bindings. Still, with all the untouched snow, not really something to complain about. Traversing West from the Reut there was pretty nice as well; there's another little cliff to go around, and then a bunch of pieceful trees with rather deep powder around them. The day before was even better, actually - a powder day, so to speak, and all the lifts were running. My favorite has gotta be the Sunrise lift, which gave access to the fastest powder run I've done thus far, probably: A wide open area were you couldn't go wrong. Anyways, I think I'm hooked. Gotta go back there as soon as the next powder cloud drifts near this.