Sunday, May 9, 2010

Snowboarding at Mt. Tallac and Angora Peak

Last weekend Fernando and I ventured to Mt. Tallac and Angora Peak.

Climbing up via the ridge on the right side.

The NE bowl at the top will be our reward.

View from the summit of Tallac.

I check out the entrance into the cross, the chute that's visible from South Lake. On my list, but not this time.

Instead, we find powder in the NE bowl.

Our tracks.

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Next day, we climb Angora Peak from Fallen Leaf Lake.

And higher up ...

Great weather, great views from the top of Angora.

We sail down a south facing couloir.

Fernando harvesting corn.

The lake below Echo Summit (left) and Angora Peak (right).

Leaving South Lake Tahoe we stop at the golf course at US 50 for a view of Angora Peak.

Zooming in ... that's Angora Peak.

And there's our line. Not sure which one, but hey.

Our tracks.

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Fernando's pictures. My pictures.

Awesome trip for sure - legit powder and legit corn in one weekend.

Monday, May 3, 2010

Mission Peak Summit Loop

Cell picture and track from a swift Mission Peak evening hike.

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