Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Matterhorn Peak (12279 ft)

Pictures from a trip to Matterhorn Peak with Jürgen. We start at Twin Lakes.

Fall leaves.

Lake with swampy shore.

Further into the canyon, large fields of boulders.

Horse Creek Canyon.

Just before the pass.

At the pass. The hill to the right is Matterhorn Peak.

We didn't pick the ideal route, but once past the sand it was a fun scramble and the view is quite awesome. Notice the forest fire in Yosemite.

Chute just below the summit.

A little rock column.

At the summit.

Deer near the pass. The gray stuff in the background is snow.

Beautiful rock.

Horse Creek Canyon. Good thing we have headlamps.

Biker in Bridgeport, California.

Hotspring near Bridgeport. Should have potential in the winter.

A snake.

In Bodie, a Californian ghost town.

The mill.

More Bodie. This used to be California's second largest city.

Downtown Bodie.

Construction Bulletin No 7, issued by the Industrial Accident Commission of the State of California: On the Handling and Use of Explosives.

The park ranger John Buie, who lives in Bodie. A real character - his story telling was awesome.


  1. Dude, those are some really nice shots in there. Particularly like the "beautiful rock" shot :)

  2. Aaron, thanks a ton for the praise. :-) About the rocks in that canyon, there was an abundance of weird looking stuff, including some that looked like petrified wood. When I saw this one I felt "if someone had made it from paper and paint, it could fit fine into a modern art exhibit"...