Saturday, September 12, 2009

Mt. Rose (10776 ft) and Church Peak (10601 ft), Lake Tahoe, Nevada

Pictures from a hike to Mt. Rose and Church Peak with Aaron, Anindo, Devin, and Yi-An on August 28, 2009. To avoid missing out on barbecue in the afternoon, we depart way early and start our hike at the Mt. Rose Summit parking lot at the crest of Highway 431. After a little while, we witness the sunrise. Looking East, Mt. Rose is the mountain on the left.

Waterfall in the morning light.

On our way to the summit.

Two buses arrive at the parking lot to deliver streams of tourists. Glad we started early.

Aaron takes a summit picture of us.

I take another summit picture. Oops, forgot to zoom in.

Ah, here we go.

We also visit Church Peak. Looking back from Church peak, Mt. Rose is the mountain on the left.

At the summit of Church Peak.

Fun rocks on the way back from Church Peak to the Mt. Rose trail.

He shows us how it's done.

Trail below Mt. Rose.

A fun but optional part of the journey.

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