Sunday, September 13, 2009

Mokelumne Peak (9334 ft)

August 15, 2009, West of Silver Lake, the dirt road presents a challenge to my car, which lacks the recommended clearance. Jim and I thus abandon the attempt to travel via Mud Lake and park shortly after Porthole Gap, where obstacles on the road prevent further progress. Soon, we meet this friendly cowboy, who informs us of trail and weather conditions.

Mokelumne Peak in the distance. We go left.

At the historic site of the Plasse Trading post, we meet a few motorized travelers.

But soon, we enter Mokelumne wilderness.

Meadow with backlit leaves.

A volcanic ridge leading towards Mokelumne Peak.

Near our campsite.

We skip on the tent, and watch the milky way, shooting stars, a meteorite, and various man-made objects (the ISS?) travel across the sky.

Further South, a closer view of Mokelumne Peak.

In search of water we traverse towards one of its Eastern slopes.

Rocks near the summit.

We made it.

So did the butterfly.

A nice view from here.

On our way back, we stop at one of the Cole Creek Lakes for lunch and a swim.

We are back at the Plasse Trading Post site. The entry "grave" in the USGS map makes us curious, and so we use the compass to find it, a few steps away from the nearby intersection of the trails.

Good bye, Mokelumne Peak.

Silver Lake, Kirkwood, and Desolation Wilderness in the evening light.

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